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    Seek a quote from Broken Spoke Insurance online by filling out one of our forms and submitting your request. We proudly provide quick turnaround time.

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    Once we've established a quote, and you've provided additional information, we are happy to provide a no-obligation policy review. During the comprehensive review, we'll determine your goals and provide details on the terms of the insurance contract.

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    After reviewing the policy and finding the insurance plan that works best for you, it's time to sign on the dotted line and get covered.

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    Broken Spoke Insurance is your premier commercial insurance agency in Amarillo and North Texas. We are here to provide coverage for you. Our agents are available during any crisis or concern you may have.


Avoid financial loss and protect your livelihood with commercial insurance.

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Who We Are

For over 50 years, Smith Agency has provided your business with quality insurance products. In 2018, Jay Lindley and Jaime Johnson purchased the agency with the intention of providing unparalleled customer service, while offering competitive rates.

We have already began expanding our products and markets and will be able to offer many more options as we continue to grow.

Jay began his insurance career in 2007 and owns a successful agency in Dimmitt, Texas. He is committed to bringing the very best crop insurance products to your farming operation. He has an exclusive contract with Farmers Mutual Hail and is proud to provide a product that is American owned and managed.

Jaime began her career in 2004 working as an adjuster for GEICO Insurance until she moved to Dalhart in 2011. Since that time, she has been selling personal and commercial lines products to customers from the entire state of Texas and beyond.

It is our strong desire to not only become members of the North Texas community, but also friends. We understand that change brings uncertainty and trepidation, but it can also bring progress and rewards. Please allow us the opportunity to continue serving your insurance needs.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are my rates so high?

    Your rates depend on several factors depending on the coverage you purchased. Contact Broken Spoke Insurance to better understand your rates..

  • What's the process like?

    Our insurance policy is simple, first you'll request a quote, next we'll evaluate the policy, then you can sign the paperwork and get covered. A detailed description is provided in the "process" section of the page.

  • Will I talk to a human?

    Yes, at Broken Spoke Insurance you will always talk to an expert commercial insurance agent.

  • What's your claims service like?

    We assess the impact of a wide variety of commercial claims and provide the experience and skills needed to close the claim.

  • How much liability insurance do I need?

    Your liability coverage depends on the type of work you're involved with. Broken Spoke Insurance can help determine the best option for you or your business.


Avoid financial loss and protect your livelihood with commercial insurance.

Call (806) 396-2031

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Contact Information:

Phone: (806) 396-2031
Headquarters: 319 N Main St.
Amarillo, TX

Who We Are

Broken Spoke Insurance is Amarillo and North Texas' trusted commercial insurance company. We are an independent insurance agency that represents numerous insurance companies to best fit your needs.