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Commercial Insurance in Texas

Commercial Insurance

Broken Spoke Insurance specializes in commercial insurance in Texas. Businesses are as unique as the individuals involved. Each business has its own challenges and struggles. Commercial insurance is necessary to not only protect the physical property, but also to protect the company from risks of liability claims.

Broken Spoke Insurance provides several options for the business owner:

Commercial Property Insurance

Your building and contents literally provide the foundation for your business. We want to help you protect your business. Property coverage comes in many forms and with many options. Our agents are able to assist you with making informed decisions on how best to insure your property.

Commercial Liability Insurance

Every day you are faced with the possibility of you or your employees making an error. Liability coverage gives you the peace of mind that your business will be secure in a litigious society. If you are a business owner, we recommend that you have general liability insurance in Texas.

Workers Compensation

Accidents happen; that’s why it is important to have workers compensation in Texas. When employees are injured during the course of your business, you want to make sure that they are well taken care of medically. In addition to giving your employees access to the medical care they need, Workers Comp insurance protects your company from the unlikely event that your employee must sue you for negligence.

Cyber Liability

We all have computers and we all use the internet daily. At any given time, we are vulnerable to information breeches and virus attacks. Cyber Liability will help mitigate the financial loss that could result.


We offer numerous types of bonds necessary for the business and government communities.

We are proudly licensed in Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing commercial liability insurance. Call today to receive a free quote. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


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